Water for People CEO Eleanor Allen's keynote at Latinosan

This is a transcript of Eleanor Allen’s keynote speech from Latinosan, April 2019. View the Spanish version here.

We are all here this week to learn, share, and hopefully change the way water and sanitation services are delivered in order to accelerate our progress. To achieve these objectives, I am going to share how agents of change are putting sustainable services with our reach. Water For People has experience over the last eight years changing the way that water and sanitation are delivered, focusing on strengthening authorities and service providers. Today, I will share with you three stories that highlight how we have achieved this through agents of change. What is needed to achieve sustainable services and change this system of service provision?

· Vision that shifts the status quo

· Political will to change

· Leadership with belief and ability to make change

This requires community, district, and national level collaboration.  Read the full keynote here.