Here we share some of our members' best thinking and useful resources from other organizations.

IRC - "It's about the systems, stupid" by Patrick Moriarty (video, 12 minutes, English)

Water for Good - "Sustainable WASH services for complex emergency countries" by John Allen and Adrienne Lane (video, 11:11 minutes, English) 

WaterAid - "Keeping the taps running, the toilets working and reinforcing hygiene habits" (video, 2:12 minutes, English)

Agenda for Change resources

2020 - Agenda for Change quarterly resource roundup, Q1 (English)

2020 - Strengthening water, sanitation, and hygiene systems: concepts, examples, and experiences (English) (Español)

2019 - Guidance note for Twitter takeovers on @WASHstrong (English)

2019 - Agenda for Change sanitation systems resources brief (English)

2019 - Deep dive into WASH systems strengthening summary - a WASH systems community of practice event (English)

2019 - Agenda for Change governance framework (English) (Español) (Français)

2018 - Moving from principles to action: building blocks for sustainable services (English) (Español) (Français)

2017 - A district-level roadmap for universal access to sustainable WASH services (English) (Español) (Français)

2017 - Cash Flow Analysis Tool. Direct Support Cost Tool (English

2016 - Agenda for Change Joint Principles (English) (Español) (Français) (Português)

Member resources

CARE 2020 - Water+ Annual WASH Systems Award: Madagascar (English)

CARE 2020 - Water+ Annual WASH Systems Award: Ethiopia (English)

IRC 2020 - Application of the district-wide approach in 5 pilot districts of Rwanda: lessons learned (English)

Water For People 2019 - Wetland Restoration as Part of an IWRM Approach to Ensuring Sustainable Supply of Water Resources: A Case of Kamwenge District in Uganda (English)

CARE 2019 - Midterm Evaluation of SWEEP in Ethiopia (English)

Water For People 2019 - Jalabandhus: Friends of Water Ensuring Water Flows Forever (English)

Splash 2019 - WASH in Schools for Everyone (Project WISE) brief (English)

CARE 2019 - Case Study in Brief: “Comites de Investigacion” in Ecuador: Using data to make policy change (English

Welthungerhilfe 2019 - Strengthening sanitation and hygiene in the WASH systems conceptual network (English)

Water For People 2019 - Lifecycle costing data to support strategic planning and decision-making in Honduras (English)

CARE 2019 - SWASH+ WinS Costing Tool Brief (English)

Water For People 2019 - Water Source Management and Water Services in Rwanda: Case of Rulindo and Gicumbi (English)

CARE 2019 - Case Study in Brief: RANO WASH in Madagascar (English)

Water For People 2019 - Toward Improved Management of Communal Water Kiosks Through Pre-Paid Meters: Public Perception of the Change, Malawi (English)

Water For People 2019 - Scaling the Everyone Forever model in Bolivia (English) (Español)

IRC 2019 - Strengthening WASH Systems in Ethiopia (English

CARE 2019 - Mali Nutrition and Hygiene Final Report (English)

Aguaconsult 2018 - Guidance for developing a district WASH plan (English)

Water For People 2018 - Tackling Issues of Salinity in Challenging Areas of Chikwawa Northwater Assessment Summary Report, Malawi (English)

Water For People 2018 - Water Resources Management Plan for the Water Sources and Mwange River Watershed in Gicumbi District (English)

Water For People 2018 - Plan Municipal de gestion de los recursos hidricos del municipio de Santa Cruz del Quiche, Guatemala (Español)

IRC 2018 - Understanding the WASH system and its building blocks: building strong WASH systems for the SDGs (English)

WaterAid 2018 - Sector Strengthening Design Toolkit (English)

Water For People 2018 - Kamwenge District Investment Plan for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Uganda (English)

Water For People 2018 - District Water and Sanitation Strategic Investment Plan Chiradzulu District, Malawi (English)

Water For People 2018 - Sustainable Sanitation through Market-Based Mechanisms in Nicaragua (English) (Español)

Welthungerhilfe 2018 - Solving complex problems through systems strengthening: The Sustainable Services Initiative of Welthungerhilfe in the WASH sector (English)

Wate For People 2018 - Data-Driven Government Planning and Priorities (English)

CARE 2017 - Assessing CARE programs on Collaborative Behaviors (English)

CARE 2017 - Case Study in Brief: Water-point mapping and data for decision making in South Gondar, Ethiopia (English)

Water For People 2017 - Water Resources Assessment Report, Uganda (English)

CARE 2017 - WASH+ in South Gondar, Ethiopia (English)

Aguaconsult & IRC 2017 - Monitoring systems change: a rapid landscaping (English)

CARE 2017 - Somalia Sustainable Rural Water Facilities presentation (English)

Water For People 2017 - Water For People Experience in Rwanda: Asset Registry Tool (English)

CARE 2017 - Water Systems Strengthening in Guatemala and Perú: 20-30 years (English)

CARE 2016 - Mali WASHPLUS Final Report (English)

Water For People 2016 - Water sources management plan for the water sources located in Rulindo District (English

CARE 2016 - Somalia Final Evaluation: Innovative Ways to Susain Water Supply in Arid Somaliland (English)

CARE 2016 - Somalia Rural Water Manual (English)

Water For People 2015 - Scaling Pit Emptying Services In Blantyre-Malawi Through Pit Emptiers Association (English)

Para Todos Por Siempre 2014 - Manual general de las herramientas de costeo, Honduras (Español)

CARE 2013 - Community Score Card Tool Kit (English)

CARE 2011 - Peru Propilas Impact Report (Español)

IRC - Costing and Budgeting Tools (English

Other systems resources 

Sanitation and Water for All (SWA) Tools Portal (some tools available in Arabic, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish)

Liddle & Fenner 2017 - Water point failure in sub-Saharan Africa: the value of a systems thinking approach (English)